• PS4 Reveal of Watch_Dogs Lied

    Did Ubisoft & Sony lie to us about Watch_Dogs? Read More
  • Arkham Knight Map Size and Batcave Leaked?

    Arkham Knight Map Size and Batcave Leaked? Insider reveals how awesome the new Rocksteady game will be! Read More
  • Video Game Sex Scene Review - Far Cry 3

    Gaming Smut celebrate our favorite sex scenes in video games in this weekly feature Read More
  • Another Five Sexy Asses of Gaming

    There are a lot of sexy video-game characters with sexy behinds. Here are five that are worth mentioning. Read More
  • Is Xbox Live Unhackable?

    Xbox gamers claim that Microsoft's Xbox Live service is unhackable. Read More
  • FIFA Manger to Merge with FIFA 15 and a Whole Lot More

    EA has been in the head-lines for some bad press of late. Controversy of a potential law-suit over the quality Read More
  • Rust Must be Censored for the Xbox One

    Microsoft have taken a sudden interest in the current Steam exclusive sandbox game, Rust. This interest started shortly after the Read More
  • Five Hunks of Gaming

    So it’s an established fact that many a gamer prefer their video game women with plenty of T & A. On Read More
  • Five Sexy Asses of Gaming

    Many (well most, to be honest) female video game characters sport a sexy design with a sizeable chest area and Read More
  • Why The Xbox One's Resolution Doesn't Matter

    Microsoft has been taking a lot of heat over the Xbox One for allegedly releasing an inferior console to the Read More
  • Ever Wondered What it's Like to be the Opposite Sex?

    Oculus Rift allows people to experience what it is like to be the opposite sex. Read More
  • Couple Perform Oral Sex Live on PlayStation

    Couple Perform Oral Sex Live on PlayStation - NSFW Every weekend, without fail, you will catch drunk couples doing some outrageous Read More
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